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4 September 2010: The Lancet about YOL  

2 September 2010: WSD Press Pack online

1 September 2010: WSD kit in multiple languages



23 August 2010: Karolinska Institute sets an WSD event Stockholm

23 August 2010: COPD Foundation promotes World Spirometry Day

11 August 2010: ATS to promote WSD

3 August 2010: ACCP to promote WSD



June 2010: Australian Lung foundation update




31 May 2010: World no Tobacco day at the European Parliament

31 May 2010: Call for mandatory pictorial warnings and standardised packaging of tobacco products in the EU

31 May 2010: World No Tobacco Day is a critical point in the Year of the Lung

5 May 2010: Europe Must Stand Strong on Industrial Emissions

4 May 2010: The Union on World Asthma Day

4 May 2010: Year of the Lung partner AARC covers World Asthma Day 

4 May 2010: World Asthma Day  




27 April 2010: Lung Cancer kills 70,000 U.S. Women a Year

13 April 2010: Policy Seminar on Research and Respiratory Medicine: Addressing future challenges for improved lung health  



26 March 2010: Hawaii COPD active on the Year of the Lung

24 March 2010: YOL sponsor Woolcock Institute issues statement on World TB Day 

24 March 2010: Awareness of TB and the Year of the Lung promoted in Jamaica

24 March 2010: World TB Day Press release 

19 March 2010: covers ATS statement on World Sleep Day

19 March 2010: World Sleep Day Press release

17 March 2010: AARC emphasises importance of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

10 March 2010: European Respiratory Society organises Year of the Lung event at WHO Ministerial

9 March 2010:  Preparations begin for WHO Health and Environment Conference in Parma, Italy

9 March 2010: Global Initiative Raises Lung Health Awareness

8 March 2010:  Advance for Respiratory Care and Sleep medicine on global lung health initiative

4 March 2010: Asthma Drug Facility makes affordable asthma medicines a reality
The Union's Press Release

2 March 2010: ATS goes to Washington to call for resolution on the Year of the Lung


28 Feb 2010: Rare Diseases Day covering many rare respiratory conditions

26 Feb 2010: Year of the Lung celebrates 5 Years of Tobacco Control Treaty

10 Feb 2010: This Year fall in love with your Lungs

05 Feb 2010: The Canadian Lung Association joins the global effort

04 Feb 2010: World Cancer Day marked in Europe

04 Feb 2010: ERS organises World Cancer Day live session on Tobacco Control

03 Feb 2010: CNBC: Lung Cancer: Large Impact, Little Funding


Jan 2010: Editorial of the Union on the Year of the Lung in the International Journal of Lung Disease

30 Jan 2010: European Launch of the Year of the Lung 2010 held in Marseille

31 Jan 2010: COPD foundation begins campaign on the Year of the Lung

29 Jan 2010: Lancement de l'Année du Poumon au Congrès de pneumologie à Marseille

29 Jan 2010: Marseille lance l’Année du Poumon !

26 Jan 2010: L'année du Poumon is launched in France

21 Jan 2010: Indonesian Society of Respirology launches Year of the Lung Campaign

16 Jan 2010: Hong Kong Respiratory Societies issue a Year of the Lung call to action

12 Jan 2010: Tobacco Tax Increase Urged In The Year Of The Lungs

09 Jan 2010: French publication Info Respiration on 2010: l'année du poumon

08 Jan 2010: Resource kit in spanish and portuguese available to download

05 Jan 2010: Thaindian News: 2010 is Year of the Lungs

04 Jan 2010: News Article by Citizens News Service



Dec 2009: French publication Info Respiration on 2010: l'année du poumon

15 Dec 2009: Mesothelioma: 2010 Designated "The Year of the Lung" to Raise Awareness of Lung Diseases Including Mesothelioma

06 Dec 2009: Leading global health experts unite behind a global call for action on lung disease




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